Organization Consulting

Today, teams, business units and companies operate in increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. 

These situation factors require that processes and structures become more flexible and agile in order to be responsive to customers, employees, competitors and other stakeholders. But how can this be achieved?

I support leadership teams in finding the answers to these questions. The answers can be found once leadership teams recognize their mutual potential, improve their cooperation, and capitalize on their individual and collective abilities. 

Together with you and a network of experienced expert consultants I support you to implement your change efforts quickly and sustainably. 

Set new goals.

Manage change.

Measure progress.

Celebrate success.

Project examples

Leadership Assessments / Management Audit
Conflict facilitation in teams
Inter-departmental conflict management
Develop of a leadership vision
Re-design of organizational processes
Job profiling / Competency Management

Management of restructuring actions
Mergers & Acquisitions - from HR due diligence to p
ost-merger integration
Improving the employer value proposition / employer attractiveness

Work-Life-Effectiveness Solutions
Implementation of effective and meaningful incentive solutions


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